Athena Shlien

Athena Shlien is The Real Estate Surfer, a California girl who learned to surf on the beaches of Malibu, who is now learning that negotiating the currents and trends and ups and downs of the real estate market is similar to learning the math of wind, tides, currents that effect waves in the ocean.

With one foot in the California surf and one foot in the Nevada desert, Athena is uniquely experienced to guide the wave of real estate refugees swarming into Las Vegas. She understands the hidden charms and attractions of living in Las Vegas, and also understands the tax and financial advantages of buying a home in Win City - those advantages are significant and account for the tsunami of people from San Diego to Shanghai who want to buy homes in Las Vegas.

If you’re looking for a place in the warm California sun or under the starry starry nights of the Nevada desert, Athena Shlien - the Real Estate Surfer - will guide you through the stormy seas of buying, selling, leasing or developing properties.